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Sy-D045A CE Approved High Frequency 50kw U-Arm Digital X Ray Machine for Sale

Sy-D045A CE Approved High Frequency 50kw U-Arm Digital X Ray Machine for Sale

Model: FM300M x ray machine

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General Photograph

Ray-filter Photograph


1. Single bed and single bulb

2. Design according to the electric mechanism of middle-size machine. The function is full and reasonable.

3. The high-tension system is of march-past structure. Equipped with full-wave rectification high-voltage generator and independent X-ray tube unit, this machine is with large output power and operation is reliable and stable.

4. Supply voltage V, roentgenoscopy, photography KV and step-less adjustable.

5.配备了稳压器X-ra的灯丝y tube and the space-charge compensator as to ensure the stable and accurate output.

6. Equipped with the capacity limitation and protection circuit and KvmAS interlock limitation and protection.

7. Adopt the digital circuit timer, grade according to R10 priority coefficient and can control time exactly

8. High-voltage primary uses the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of large power.

9. Photographic bed can move in length and breadth

10. The photographic bed, pillar & vibrating ray-filter are in a whole without top & bottom track.

Main specifications




Supply power


Two-phase 30KVA

voltage frequency

380V/220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 0.5Hz

inner resistance

0.75 Ω at 380V, 0.25 Ω at 220V

Power supply

Adjustable range

380V,380V ± 10% ,220V,220V ± 10%,being adjustable continuously



50~125KV Be adjustable continuously


small focus 50mA 100mA ; big focus 50 、 100 、 200 、 300mA


0.04~6.3s,23 grades together according to R10 coefficient

High-Voltage generator



Max. Dc output voltage


Max. Dc output current


X-Ray tube




small focus 1X1mm big focus 2X2mm

Photographic bed(YZ-I)

Bed face(LXWXH)


Moving range of bed face

640mm in length; 200mmin breadth

Ray-filter of bed

Travel in length ≧500mm

Grid density N28

Convergence distance fo 100cm

Grid ratio R8

Pillar of X-ray source unit

Moving in length along photographic bed

1800mm or 1600mm

Distance around as moving up and down(along upright post)


Rotary around the center of cross arm

± 180°

Rotary around the shaft line of X-ray annular tubes

-10 ° ~ 60° ~ +120°

Max size of cassette for photograph


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